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This blog started as a result of my day job, I’m a business analyst for Real Radio Wales, the only national commercial radio station in Wales. On a daily basis I communicate opportunities, threats and market trends amongst the teams here in Cardiff and Wrexham. This information then filters its way to our advertisers, so setting up a blog as a central resource suitable for all companies either based in Wales or advertising in Wales seemed a sensible thing to do.

On a regular basis I am asked to provide insight for a particular industry or consumer behaviours for both existing and potential clients. From personal experience I know how hard it is to find good quality and reliable data solely using search engines, particularly when you only want to look at Wales.

Most of my time is spent analysing this less reliable data in addition to the more credible insights provided by TGI and others. And I’m sharing these reliable and authentic findings with you, looking at both ‘consumer insight’ and ‘business trends’ specifically in Wales.

My blog will provide you with regular insights into market trends and what’s happening in the world of business. I’ll be providing my readers with case studies to learn from, hints and tips on where to look for new business, or what opportunities you should go for or even which dead ends you should avoid.

As well as my own work, you’ll get regular nuggets from TGI, a terrific research company that specialises in understanding consumer behaviour.

I am here to help you! Please contact me if you would like to talk to me about:

  •  Market reports for your industry with consumer insights
  • Competitor analysis – Would you like to know when and where your competitors are spending?

This is a free service we provide to all our clients and prospective clients, so it won’t cost you a penny, and you may even learn something that will really benefit your business.

You can email me on Jodi.Stuart@realradio.co.uk find me on Twitter @realradiojodi or call me at the radio station.

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  1. Aimee Dewitt

     /  June 25, 2012

    This is a great resource… I look forward to seeing some of the blogs!


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