Marketing Jargon – A 2 Z

A2Z Marketing Jargon

I have previously touched upon industry jargon in my Socio-demographic blog. So I thought I would look at other common marketing phrases and start an A-Z marketing jargon buster. Each week I will update the blog with my jargon busting guide.

As this is the first week, it makes sense to start with the letter A!

Ad load

Ad load is generally a term used by a media company; it refers to the weight of their advertising inventory. In radio the ad load is recorded in minutes and press is % terms.


An advertorial is an advert in the form of an article or conversation. Press advertorials are normally written in the style of news article. In radio and television they can be in the form of a commercial or conversation between the presenters and even include a representative from the ‘advertorials’ company.

Algorithm (Search Marketing)

When applied to marketing and advertising, algorithm refers to a proprietary set of rules or unique formula used to rank your company within a search engine.


There are many different agencies that work within advertising and marketing, each specialising in their chosen field.                                     

  • Ad Agency

Ad agencies are businesses that typically specialise in campaign planning and media buying.

  • Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies can be viewed as an external/interim marketing department as they would provide a full marketing function for a client. They are involved at every stage from product design to implementation.

  • PR Agency

Public Relations companies are responsible for a client company’s external profile and general communication with the public. They will usually try to drive the client’s messages into the news for example and ensure the correct responses are made in times of trouble.

  • Creative Agency

Creative agencies write/design/produce/record creative for TV, Press and Radio adverts, as well as designing logos’ web pages etc.

  • Full Service Agency

These agencies handle all aspects of the advertising process, including planning, design, production and media buying. In addition they handle other aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, sales promotion and often carry out their own research.


It’s reasonable to classify ‘accountability’ in marketing as a buzz word as well as jargon. It has replaced the term ‘return on investment’ (ROI).


AIDA is an acronym used to describe what may happen when a consumer engages with an advert.

  • Attention: attract the attention of the consumer
  • Interest: stimulate an individual’s interest by highlighting advantages and benefits
  • Desire: convince customers that they want/need/desire the product/service
  • Action: direct consumers into taking an action or purchasing

ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations

The ABC is governed by the media industry for the media industry. The purpose is to determine best practise in how media industry data is prepared and reported and manage and uphold practices within the industry. In addition they offer audit and compliance services to check that the industry standards are being met.

Above the fold

When this term is used in press advertising it means that an article, advert or photograph is placed on the top half of the front page. Most papers are delivered or displayed folded in half, so that only the top half of the page is visible. The space above the fold is considered as premium advertising space since it is the most prominent area when the paper is on or in a stand. The term can also be applied to webpages; it is the space that is visible without scrolling. Of course there are issues when screen sizes vary and the page is accessed with mobile devices.

Above the line

Is a strategy companies use to sell or promote their products/services. Above the line campaigns/promotions use media that is either broadcast or published to mass audiences, such as radio, TV, print and cinema. (Next week we will look at below the line)

Ad Rotation

As with many of the marketing phrases the meaning of ad rotation changes when applied to the different forms of media. Ad rotation in radio means that one company air’s more than one advert throughout the day or week. When transferred into online advertising it refers to adverts been rotated with each new page load, within a single page load or both.

Affiliate Marketing

Now if you Google affiliate marketing, it returns endless amounts of long winded explanations of affiliate marketing. So my simplified description is a way of generating leads or making money online by using another website to promote your product or service. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most common way is, to pay a commission to the ‘other’ company when one of their online visitors clicks through to your website and makes a purchase or it could be to sign up to something.

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

The ASA is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media. The purpose of the ASA is to ensure that all advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful. They are the recognised body to deal with complaints about advertising, and where necessary enforce the removal of adverts that do not comply with their regulations.

If you can think of any words or phrases I have missed, then please leave a comment below or get in touch with me at or @realradiojodi.

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